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Heavy Duty Collapsible Tire Stillage Cage

Heavy Duty Collapsible Tire Stillage Cage

Product Abstract:

Heavy Duty Collapsible Tire Stillage Cage 1. Collapsible tire cage/stillage is commonly used in the factory or warehouse to storage automobile parts. 2. it can be used by forklift truck 3. each stillage can be stacked on top of another to save storage space 4.moveable rack can be widely used in various processes , such as transporting, moving, and storing with mechanized equipment 5.it can be accumulates to increas its operating factor of space 6. the size can be design as the customer's request.

Product Description

Heavy Duty Collapsible Tire Stillage Cage

1. Mesh cage design
2.For industrial cargo transport, storage

3.Foldable, stackable


For storage and material handling

1.Industrial:auto parts, machinery processing, electronic appliances, food and beverage industry, chemical industry Assembly and manufacturing plant ,production line product flow and inventory

2.Warehouse,docks,railway stations

For transport

Warehouse,industry,logistics company

After Sale Service:

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record customer respond,suggestion,requirement

Product technial data:



Exterior dimension


Tire capacity

24 to 32

Loading capacity


Max stacked(open)

3 high

Max stacked(close)

10 high




Many options

Load in 40'GP



Powder coating


Accept customized sizes and styles

After Sale Service

Professional engineer and application specialists respond to your requests efficiently

Online via Skype,also through email, voice phone message and fax if network is not accessible for customer.

Follow up the case, record the entire process, report complaint to QC department.

QC will find defect from which department, who is in charge to identify responsibility

record customer respond, suggestion, requirement.

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